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The new look of Florence will be designed by architects from UNIT, A69 and MARKO&PLACEMAKERS

The new look of Florence will be designed by architects from UNIT, A69 and MARKO PLACEMAKERS

Florenc is one of Prague's busiest transport hubs, but it is also a brownfield just one kilometre from Old Town Square. The City of Prague agreed with the owners of the land, ČSAD Praha holding and Masaryk Station Development, and together, with the support of the Institute of Planning and Development (IPR), they announced an international urban planning competition called Florenc21 in March 2021.

The winning team, consisting of UNIT architects , A69 - architects and Marko&Placemakers, presented a neighbourhood consisting of traditional streets defined by facades of houses with shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The proposal connects all the surrounding neighbourhoods and heals the wounds left by the traffic constructions in Florence. The site will be intersected by many streets and alleyways to make the neighbourhood easily accessible. Even before the main thoroughfare, the team has placed a multifunctional building inspired by the first republican palaces on Na Florenci Street. Culture should also find its place here. The triangle formed by the two arms of the Negrelli Viaduct at Křižík Street invites transformation into an urban market. Stalls and shops can also occupy the arches directly under the bridge.

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