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Advantages of offices in the Bastion building: ideal location for employees and clients

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When thinking about locating your business in a new space, it is important to consider location and accessibility, among other things. One of the most convenient options is the Bastion office building, which is located just 50 metres from the bus station in Florence and only a 5-minute walk from Masaryk railway station. This excellent location brings many benefits for employees and clients.

Easy accessibility for those outside of Prague:

The location of the Bastion building is strategically advantageous for travelling from various cities in the Czech Republic, not only from the vicinity of Prague. Thanks to the proximity of the bus station in Florence, people can easily arrive in Prague and then walk to the building. The Masaryk railway station is also in close proximity, ensuring a quick and easy train connection for those who prefer this mode of transport. You can also take the train to the Main Railway Station and reach the building one stop away by metro C. The building's reception is located approximately 10 metres from the metro exit at Florence, so getting from both the Main and Masaryk Railway Station to the office can take as little as 5 minutes.
Seamless accessibility brings many conveniences and minimises time wasted travelling.

Location within Prague:

Florenc is a transport hub not only for suburban but also for Prague public transport lines. The entrance to the building is right at the exit of the Florenc metro station - a transfer station for lines B and C. There are several tram and bus stops in the immediate vicinity, so you can use 8 bus lines and 12 tram lines to travel to the office or retail.

In addition to the fast metro connection, you can get to Florenc by bus: in 10 minutes from Vršovice, in 18 minutes from Strašnická, in 10 minutes from Pařížská Street, in 7 minutes from Žižkov.
By tram you can be in 13 minutes in Flora, in 5 minutes in Letná, in 7 minutes in Wenceslas Square, in 5 minutes in Holešovice, in 13 minutes in Střešovice, etc.

Eco-friendly travel:

Travelling by bus and train also brings sustainability and resource saving benefits. Using public transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Buses and trains also have more capacity than cars, so they carry more passengers at once, reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Travelling by public transport also has an economic effect; it is cheaper than driving alone.

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